The European Charity Band Tour – Queen gave Charity Concert

The rock band Queen sang to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians on last year as a part of European charity band tour to increase money to give attention for HIV-AIDS sufferers in this ex-Soviet republic, which has one of the quickest-growing infection rates of people in Europe. Heartening fans bundled the central square in Ukraine’s second-biggest city to hear to the revered British group, whose head vocalist, Freddie Mercury, died of an AIDS-associated illness in 1991.

Open Air European Charity Band Tour Concert

The open-air charity concert named this European charity band tour as “Life must go on!” and it was timed to the release of Queen’s new album, “Cosmos Rocks,” which came out the same year. The show established the European charity band’s tour of their countries including Russia, Britain, France, and Germany. According to them they are very happy to do what they could do to increase the cognizance of AIDS and also to get-go a new European charity band tour. They also added that awareness is the first step towards getting the better of the problem.

Queen lost its singer numerous years ago, so they know that this can bear upon anyone. Government officials said that almost 77,000 people in Ukraine have been filed as HIV-positive since the first filed case in 1987. But some professionals think the rate is much greater, with as many as half a million individuals which is about 1 percent of Ukraine’s population is infected.

Organizers picked Kharkiv, an industrial city which in the east of the country, for its heavy student population. Young people are particularly in peril of catching the virus. Volunteers also gave out information leaflets in the hoist to the concert. But rapturous middle-aged Ukrainians also came out to listen to the songs of their early days; a will to the unrelieved popularity of aging Western rock bands in the early Soviet Union. Deep Purple contributed a concert in the Kremlin early part of last year. Paul McCartney sang in Moscow in 2003 and also performed in Kiev in June, in a charity show. Many Soviets studied English on those songs and their files were extremely difficult to search.

This is Queen’s second European tour after they teamed with Rodgers, who happens to be the leading vocalist for the famous English rock bands Free and Bad Company. It is their beginning show in Ukraine. The show was free for most of the participants. Arrangers got up money by selling tickets to the VIP area. They refused to tell how much money had been got, but said it will be presented to a city orphanage for HIV-positive children.