Respect Is Earned With The European Golf Tour Order Of Merit Listing

Now if ever you could bestow a title in sport to yourself, this would be it, the european golf tour order of merit. This title carries a lot of respect around the world in the golfing profession and in other arenas as it is the highest that could possibly be achieved. No you don’t get the King of golf; you get the european golf tour order of merit. Yes, and you can call it the ultimate Noddy badge of golf if you want to. And for those just straggling along with the games, you are entitled to have your own european tour guide at your side enjoying watching the games.

Who Is The Real Who In The Zoo? European Golf Tour Order Of Merit Does give You Who Is The best

In the international arenas of sport this is where your name will be easily found with the amount of earnings you have made in a specific year. Yes, the european golf tour order of merit does give you who is best, but mainly it focuses on the amount of money that was made in a specific year by a specific player. This also does give you an idea of who is who in that zoo, but once again it is about the financials. Just as with every ranking list, there has got to be someone on top and someone at the bottom. While the european golf tour order of merit usually only lists in monetary values there is a limit to where they have to stop the list too for the year played.

Of course this would be seen as the easiest way to make a good salary in one day while touring the world, it does take years of practice and besides that there is no guarantee that you will be walking away with the grand prize for that day. You may just have a great day and win, but then again anything could happen too. These golfers used to play the game for fun and for business once upon a time, but since the money came into it as a profession, realising they were good at this gentleman’s game, winning the game is what it all became about.

One thing is sure about these professional golfers who are on the list of the european golf tour order of merit, they have all come a long way together, challenging each other over the years, and still maintaining their friendships through losses of games against each other. Yes, it is still so true, that birds of a feather do still flock together, and so do the golfers for that matter.