Head to the PGA European Tour Site to Get Your Information

Whether you are trying to find out information on the PGA European Tour so that you can enter in it yourself, or you are just trying to keep track of all your favorite players, you are going to need to have a main source for your information. Luckily you can get just this, when you go through the PGA European Tour website.

European tour: What You Can Find Here

You can find pretty much all the information on the European Tour that you want here. They offer up to date scores of all the players so you can keep track of how they are all doing in the European Tour, and never have to miss a beat. They make it very easy to see how players are doing in the European Tour and never make anything confusing for you.

There is lots of other information on the European Tour that you can learn here as well, including the names and short biographies on all of the different players who are in the European Tour.

They also have a listing for news on their site, which offers you up to date news on everything happening with the Tour. They want to make sure that all the fans are able to keep a close eye on what is going on and what has to do with the Tour at all times. They have newsletters even that you can check out and which will help you to keep track of what is going on with the Tour.

Then there is even a section for stats, where you can go to such categories as senior tour order of merit, senior tour career earnings, world rankings, facts and figures, and Omega Mission Hills world cup rankings.

The basic point of this site is that it is used to keep fans abreast of all that is happening in the world of the European PGA Tour. If you are a golf lover, and have your favorite players, then you are going to be able to keep track of them here and always know how they are doing in the tour, how they are ranking.

You can even sign up to the site so that you are able to receive automated updates on your favorite players and always keep an eye on how they are doing without constantly having to go back to the site and check for yourself, making it very simple.