Finding A European Tour Guide Job

Working as a tour guide can be a fun way to earn money during the summer months. These jobs are usually available during the summer months but you will need to start looking for a European tour guide job much earlier than the summer months.

These jobs are sought after by everyone, from university students to adults looking for a break from their regular jobs. If you find the right job it can be a very enriching experience, not to mention a well paid position that will no doubt help you find other jobs in the future.

Looking In Advance To Find A European Tour guide Job

When you are trying to find a European tour guide job you will need to start looking in advance. Most of the jobs are gone by the end of March. So start scouting around in February for jobs. Look online and also look up reputable tour companies who are in need of guides.

There will be plenty of other people looking for similar jobs so you will need to really sell yourself. Experience in the performing arts is a plus, especially if you have already learnt how to project your voice and are comfortable speaking in front of crowds.


To prepare for a European tour guide job you will need to be well acquainted with the country’s history. You will also need to speak the local language to help you get ahead of the competition when trying to land a European tour guide job.

Having lots of energy and stamina are also musts for a European tour guide job. So get in shape if walking for long distances has you out of breath. Remember that you will not only need to walk around but you will need to talk and answer questions. You will also be out in the sun at height of summer.

Finding A Job

The Internet is your best friend when looking for a European tour guide job. You need to look for job resource sites and summer job pools to try and land a job. If you are already in a particular country then scouting out the magazines that are circulated among the expatriate communities is also a good idea.

Look for classifieds in local magazines and newspapers that might turn up something. Also approach tour companies directly before tourist season and enquire about a possible European tour guide job. This is a highly competitive field so be prepared to do some serious job hunting before you find something suitable.